Winter: The Struggle is Real

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of snow, or lack of me skiing that’s kept me from wanting to write about the season. Probably a combination of the two.

As most of you know or have read, I broke my ankle last June racing motocross. In my previous post about riding dirtbikes this past fall I was under the impression my ankle was healed. No pain riding or lifting weights and I was feeling fantastic!

That all changed when I went to opening weekend at PCMR with the Saga Outerwear Crew.


I figured if my ankle felt good in my motocross boots, it could only feel better in a stiffer ski boot. Apparently, I was wrong.  I took a couple runs before noticing the extreme pain of my ankle. The next day I ran straight to Surefoot and the boys took care of me reforming my liners to fit my post-surgery ankle.



The new Surefoot liners helped, but didn’t solve the problem. The bruising increased, the pain increased as well as my frustration. Little did I know that this was how my season would go. 1-2 days on, 5-6 days off. My ankle is still bruised like crazy and I now have plantar faciitis.

As things have been getting better, I’ve been trying to at least get back in the game a little bit. Where I am now is where I thought I would be in December, and it’s the first week of March. I hate to admit this season has been such a wash for me, but I guess plenty of people sit out an entire season with blown knee’s etc. and I at least got some time on snow.

10985902_946499515367753_4186859283771922456_n 10924233_10155162681065333_4620843469207339864_o

In the meantime, I decided to send my snowmobile WFO into a tree and that has been a fun $1600 in parts alone.

Big thanks to Isaac Sherbine, Cody Wheeler and Nate Farrow for helping me put this POS back together.

Thanks to them and Hillary Maybery Photography it’s looking pretty damn good don’t ya think? ;)

Just in time for spring I suppose!


With not a lot of progress being made in ankle recovery, a second surgery is scheduled for April 3rd. We are going to remove the hardware that we think may be causing some of the problem.
Until then, I’ll be skiing a little, riding my dirtbike and getting ready for my first motocross race March 27th.

I wish my ankle felt as good skiing as it does riding dirtbikes… this was last weekend with Nick Carnes!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.59.37 PM

Things could always be worse! I’m alive, healthy-ish and always pushing.

HUGE THANKS TO MY SPONSORS for the continued support through one of the most frustrating seasons to date.









Back on a dirtbike…or two

Anyone who’s been laid up for almost an entire season can identify with the frustration, misery and depression that comes along with it. On that same note, coming back made me love riding more than ever. Some of you know, this sport is still fairly new to me and I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning, getting quicker or more comfortable on a bike.

Someone told me that once I moved up to a 250F that his biggest fear was the day I would go down, because I would go down hard. He was right.

The first day back was on my YZ125 and I had never been so excited to swing a leg over my bike before. I sold my 250 this past summer to pay for hospital bills and figured I should take it mellow coming back. With doctor clearance I started riding every day I could this fall.

Much like my ski career, my new focus is just progressing my riding skills, getting comfortable on the bike again, getting faster and having more fun than anyone on the track. I may go back and do some races next year but for now, it’s projects like this!

JERSEY COHEN walking bike

Local photographer (and badass) Hillary Maybery contacted me with interest in shooting me on a bike. I was flattered as I’m not the most advanced rider in the world but was thrilled to be able to get some shots of myself back on a bike, doing what I love and working with a new photographer. She was looking to expand her portfolio and as she learned to shoot motocross, I learned to shut my damn mouth and just ride.

Saga Outerwear was nice enough to print my jerseys for me and Dragon Alliance got me some fresh NFX goggles for the shoot. 

The first attempt at a photoshoot was rained out after two laps. We got some killer lifestyle shots out of it with the help of Hillary, her daughter and my best friend Kate on the lighting assistance.

raining lifestyle gear bike

You can’t say we didn’t try to ride… (one of my all time favorite photos)

hottest gearing up shot

I took two laps, you could say I got a little dirty!

Muddy lifting bike

We threw in the towel (literally) after that and planned a sunrise shoot for the following week!

We don’t have “real” tracks up here. Nothing prepped, groomed, watered or race ready. That’s why I’m best at riding dry hardback! We looked like the most committed local riders ever to show up to Croy at 6:45am unloading in the dark. I think we won the award for earliest unloading there, EVER.

dark unload

It was freezing cold, the dirt was frozen and I trying to get warmed up riding in the dark.

Here is my only shot WITH a front brake. Haha!

BW corner Dragon Sweatshirt


Next lap I tipped over in a corner and lost the entire lever. The next hour of riding was challenging to say the least. Haha!

Corner exit puddle splash

Very rare to find moisture on this track. We took full advantage of it, and the usage of a rear brake.

(no front brake photoshoot was a first) 

focused muddy corner exit
Best Corner in color

And FINALLY someone is learning how to corner….on the gas!

I’m really bummed I missed the entire summer riding, so I recently made up for it buying a brand new RMZ 250 from Nick at Let’s Ride in Rupert, Idaho. (Don’t worry two smoke lovers, I’ve kept the 125 as well!)


The snow is now falling two weeks later, and a week after I just had my suspension dialed.

I know my man will be waiting for me when it melts! In the meantime, I’ll just try and look pretty sitting next to my bike.

Best Lifestyle with Bike

Thanks for an amazing shoot Hillary Maybery and the help from Kate Metzger and Nick Carnes!

The support of my sponsors as always! Dragon Alliance, RMC Graphx, Asterisk, Virus, Skullcandy and Saga Outerwear.
If anyone is interested in purchasing or the usage of these photos please contact Hillary and check out her website or email with questions at

The season ender

As you might have guessed by the title, my motocross season had been cut short. On Father’s Day June 15th, after only making it to one race this season, I ended my second summer racing motocross.

I can say leading up to this injury I was enjoying the sport more than ever, and really pushing myself. I started getting on my bike as soon as I could after the winter season. I spent a lot of my spring days split between morning skiing and afternoon moto’s. I packed as much seat time in as I could in those three months leading up to my injury.

I made it to one race this season in Preston, Idaho where I ended up in 4th place in the Women’s class.


You’d think after all my injuries I would have learned my lesson on pushing my limits, apparently not.

I was coming off 3 days of working without sleep, got a 2hr nap and drove at 3am that night to Boise to race the following morning at OMC. My Dad had planned to come with me to see me ride for the first time ever, and celebrate Father’s Day. I got a call that morning at 3am that he wasn’t going to come and support me, I was devastated.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.12.53 AM
I had a pretty emotional drive starting at 3:30am that day. By the time I got within 45 minutes of Boise I was hallucinating while driving due to lack of sleep. At this point, I still was fighting to race that same day.

It was a rough morning, and I decided I would just go into practice with an open mind. I was just going to see how I felt, and decide after practice If I would race. For any skiers or snowboarders, you know this is very similar to calling “last run”.

I was riding practice better than ever, and a little over my head. I was on a 250 I had bought from a friend that was fast as hell and I was pretty fired up emotionally. By the last lap I was pushing, hard. There was an infield double I decided last second I would go ahead and jump. Little did I know at that moment my handful of throttle would cost me $14,000.
I grabbed a big handful, and took the double to the face of the triple. (I was told the crash was very similar to Martin Davalos’s crash in SX.)

I landed in the face of the triple, casing and breaking my ankle. My Medial malleolus was broken and displaced with a fracture in my fibula and all the ligaments torn. 


I then flew over the bars taking the bike with me which landed on my back. Bike then tossed me across the berm and into a large metal sprinkler with tires around it for protection while still breaking my helmet.


I spent a week 4 days getting waited on hand and foot by RB629 (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) and went in for surgery a week later with Dr. Danny Judd AKA: Best Ortho Ever.


I’ve had more than my fair share of injuries and surgeries, this was my 5th surgery due to accidents.

I have never spent so many frustrating hours on the couch and crutches and can’t thank everyone enough who helped me get through these couple months following.


I can officially say that 3 months later and I’M BACKKKK.

I was non-weight bearing for a month and a half and spent the next month busting my ass in the gym every day to get where I am with my recovery. I’m not racing until next year but it feels so nice to swing my leg over a bike again. Even if it’s in 3rd gear most of the time right now, haha!

1551554_10154525134950333_8924585489346613647_nDAY II

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me at the track that day, the weeks following, the outreach of all my friends and followers and my sponsors for the continued support. You guys helped me get through this when I couldn’t have been more frustrated and depressed.

Lets keep it on two wheels now eh?

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Ohhhh hey there cyber world!

I was hoping to get this written more mid-season than 3/4 of the way through. I wanted to update everyone on my ski career and getting back on my feet.

_0440 copy

Most of you know based off all of my posts that it’s been a few years since I competed. The previous two seasons I took A LOT of time off from skiing. Last year I helped launch an all-girls freeski team named She Shreds. That was the only thing last season that helped me find a love for the sport again. To be honest, I had never been the one to spend a lot of time with kids. Discovering the ability to really motivate the younger generation in a sport that I have been more passionate about than anything in my life was something is one of the greatest gifts. The majority of my days last season were spent coaching and I maybe had 10 days on my own. It was the least amount of days I had ever skied in a season.

This year I felt this spark going into the 2013-14 season. I am once again coaching my team but I finally felt like I wanted to push myself again. Since my head injury in 2010 I have had a hard time overcoming the fear of pushing myself on jumps. I think these past two years have allowed me to really want to push myself for me, and not because I’m trying to impress someone or end up on a podium. 


The snow conditions have been anything but ideal this year so it truly gave me the opportunity to take it slow getting my feet wet in the park again.

I started hitting smaller jumps, working on 360’s and as of last month finally started throwing my favorite trick again, rodeo 5’s.IMG_0339IMG_0405

I’ve had 4 photoshoots already this season which is 3 more than the previous year. We’ve been stacking banger shots all year and I couldn’t imagine having more fun while doing it. I don’t think I can remember having a smile on my face this much. I’m fortunate to have good friends of mine who are photographers. Both Kat and Max are new to the scene of shooting park skiing so it was really fun to work off each other with angles of the photos. Huge thanks to Kat Smith and Max Monahan for shooting with me so much this season. I look forward to some more shoots and a continued relationship!!


As some of you may have read, I did sustain a knee injury a couple weeks ago. As of right now it doesn’t look too serious and I’m getting back on my skis tomorrow to see how bad it truly is. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


This was the shot that that led to what I thought was a season ender. This is one of the coolest shots I’ve had in years. I will never say a shot is worth an injury, but I’m still stoked we nailed it :)

Cant thank all my friends, followers and sponsors enough for all the support!!

Fischer, Bern, Dragon Alliance, Saga Outerwear, Skullcandy and VIRUS. 

Precious, Beautiful Life

I have been hesitant to write something so emotional and personal but I think it could really help a lot of people. As most of you know my posts consist of the sports I’m involved in, the adventures I’m going on and the events I’m part of. Finally I think I need to get a little more personal.

In the past year I have lost 5 friends, 3 of which were extremely close. One from a drug overdose, one by traumatic accident and the last one took his own life. I think there is a lot to be said for each of these reasons of death, none of which will ever make anything better or easier to accept. For me, death is death. No matter how the person died, it doesn’t change the fact that I won’t be able to pick up my phone and call them or see their smile again.

Like many of you, I had my childhood problems and struggled with depression. I became familiar with death and suicide at a young age. I don’t think death ever gets easier to accept even after everyone I’ve lost thus far. I can say that throughout losing friends I have grown to appreciate and cherish life even more. You never know what the day has in store. I don’t know why I am lucky enough to be alive today when people I have felt more worthy of life are now looking down on me. I have accepted that I will never have a definite answer to this but I can practice gratitude on a daily basis.

Ashley was one of my childhood best friends who battled drug addiction. I was one of the last friends still there for her and got to speak with her the week before she passed. This is one of the few people I can believe is truly in a better place right now. I miss you so much ANP but your daily struggle was heartbreaking.



Stephen had been my older brother figure my entire life. He had been there for me through all of my struggles and his family had taken me in when I had no where else to go. Much like other friends of mine he went through a lot, but I never turned my back on him. I supported him in any decision he made until the day he was taken from us. Stephen had the biggest heart and would support me right or wrong.



I think what has hit the hardest recently was the death of a close friend in the motocross family. I didn’t know Lane for a long time, but in the short time I did, we became very close friends. I believe we had a very deep connection and there was nothing but smiles, fun times and deep conversations about life. I loved the flirtatious relationship between Lane and myself because he was 6 years younger than me and we always got to joke about the day he turned 18 and could finally take me on a date. His birthday happened to be the day after mine and I think he asked me on a date 3 times in the next month that he lived. I saw Lane in the last week of his life and he made a point to let me know “he’s been eying me for a while and was finally 18″ with the biggest enthusiastic smile on his face. A few days later I spoke with him and he challenged me to hang out with him as soon as I returned from my trip to Utah that week. The morning following my arrival in Utah I was informed that Lane had taken his own life the night prior. I was in such disbelief I couldn’t even begin to put the pieces together.

Anyone who knew Lane would agree that this was the most unexpected event possible. Lane was always smiling, involved in too many sports to name (including motocross where we began our friendship), had just gotten accepted into The University of Oregon and was currently the student body vice president at Wood River High School. The most important part to take away from this is knowing that even trying a drug once to experience some type of euphoria, may easily have the opposite effect soon after. It’s not worth the risk for a temporary feeling of ecstasy when the depletion of a drug can be life threatening. I have gone through the most radical grieving process over this past week and know it’s far from over. I miss you so much Lane, you will never know the impression you left on your family and friends.



I truly believe I have never appreciated life more than I do right now. Things aren’t ideal in any aspect but I have the opportunity to face life today and continually work towards a happy and healthy life. I know I could unexpectedly get hit by a bus tomorrow and never be able to do anything I love again or even worse, not live through it. I must remind myself to live one day at a time. Projecting the future has never seemed to turn out as expected. I know my friends who have now passed are looking down and proud of me and many others for pushing through our hard times. When I begin to feel fear or self pity, I immediately find a way to get out of myself. I like to look for a way to be of service to others. If there is one piece of advice I can give to anyone who’s having a hard time, it’s just that.

I will cherish every friendship, every photo and every interaction with people I have met along the way. Everyone I meet or talk to becomes a part of my life one way or another. By living 24hrs at a time, you can only imagine what a big role YOU may play in my life. Even taking the time to read this, and maybe reconsider your view of life just for today means a lot to me. As I pour my heart out in this post (at 3:32am) I want to thank everyone for being there for myself and many others.

We have many angels today, and there will be more to come. Reach out when you need help, it may save your life or someone else’s.


Racing motocross: A late start.

So this past summer had been a little busy to say the least. For a lot of positive reasons, I’ve been slacking on the website updates. With work slowing down and my new sport coming to a season’s end I finally have time to re-engage in the world wide web!

Dirtbikes, a love I discovered in high school. I was 16 years old and a couple of my friends had bikes. Sun Valley is not a motocross town, it’s a ski town, so it isn’t unheard of to start this sport a little later in life. I spent my entire childhood focused on my ski career. There was never time to branch out and do anything else besides ski, and train for skiing. Even my summers were spent chasing snow.

I had always loved the idea that one day I could race motocross, but I had no idea where to start. We have a couple tracks out in the mountains but nothing like what you’ll find when you pull up to a prepped motocross track. I rode for 2 summers in high school where I fell in love with this new sport. Skiing was still #1 so when I started competing on the pro circuit and living in park city, I couldn’t afford rent the bike was out.


In 2012 I found myself pretty established while settled in back in Sun Valley and felt like it was time to buy a bike again. Overnight I made an impulse decision and I drove to Rexburg, Idaho the following morning and picked up a brand new KX100. Everyone told me I should have gotten a bigger bike, but 6 years later with only 2 years of experience I really needed baby steps. Needless to say I quickly discovered it was not enough bike for me.


This last March I decided to take things a little more seriously and I purchased a 2013 YZ 125. The passion truly began here.

I am going to go ahead and thank Ryan Dean (amongst many others)  who spent 10 years of his life teaching me how to ski race. Based upon my suscuess within the sport I trusted him when he told me to get my a** to motocross races with him for the summer. He helped me pick out the bike and has encouraged me every day. The debate between that and the 250 was pretty heavy but I’m having so much fun on my bike, I see why they thought it would be perfect for me. Anyone who is familiar with bikes knows how much lighter, easier to work on, inexpensive and what a killer time a 125 is. I honestly wasn’t ready for the weight or skill of riding a 250. I quickly found out that as much fun as a 125 is, it’s pretty technical to be fast on!


With the encouragement of many, I signed up for my first race that following month. I went into it with the goal of finishing the race and having a killer time, and that was exactly what I did. I may have tipped the bike over every single lap, but with a smile on my face every time. There were people like Zack Lowry watching from the side and running out to help me pick up my bike every lap! haha

I can’t express how quickly I was welcomed into this new moto family at the track. It was something I had never experienced in competitive sports growing up and based off that, I continued to race the remainder of the summer.


With each day on my bike I got more comfortable. With each race I gained more experience and set new goals. It went from finishing the race, to not crashing every single lap, to not crashing at all, and finally being competitive enough to be beating some of the girls out of the gate to the first corner. I pushed myself to always switch up my lines each lap between inside and outside lines in corners.


With the snow falling and resorts open this season I’m now obsessing about more seat time. I hope to take this same feeling back on the track again this spring. Maybe even before then!

For my first year I ended up 7th/36 for the overall RMX North Series Races. I look forward to next season and becoming more competitive each race.

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.28.02 PM


To my sponsors: RMC Graphx, Dragon Alliance, Skullcandy and Vitalire Clothing:

To all the people who swept my gate, gave me feedback, picked up my bike, pressure washed the mud off in-between motos and picked me up on the side of the road with my bike when my truck broke down, and much much more, I thank you.


She Shreds Team 2013

I’ve envisioned this program since I was 17 years old. Growing up in Sun Valley we didn’t have a terrain park or halfpipe. We would write letters to the company begging for just a couple rails to hit… no dice. It wasn’t until I was in my final high school years that they began to add small jibs and a half pipe. At that point, your options for a freeskiing team was the SVSEF freestyle mogul team or alpine racing. No coaches with park or pipe experience were to be found in the small town of Ketchum.

This being my first year not competing, I was commited to helping bring to the resort what lacked throughout my entire teenage years.

With the help of Sun Valley Snowsports School and The Sun Valley Freeride Team I was able to launch a program called She Shreds.

She Shreds is a non competitive all girls freeskiing team. I teach the girls the importance of an alpine background with the addition of park, pipe and big mountain skiing. Removing the pressure of competition allows the girls to work on their tricks without overly pushing themselves just to produce podium results.

She Shreds will be skiing every Saturday morning from 9am-12:30pm. Most days will be spent on Baldy with a few sessions focused on park and pipe at Dollar.

Below is a video from the first two weeks of She Shreds.

For all the Info please contact the Sun Valley SnowSports school at 208 622 2289 or

Email myself directly at

Looking forward to a great spring!she shredsd pipe shot

SheJumps! Water Ramp Weekend

If you have ever heard someone refer to “burning the candle at both ends” that is the story here. But I’ll tell you what……. SO WORTH IT!

I got a last minute invite to come out to the UOP (Utah Olympic Park) to jump with, and help coach a camp put on by SheJumps. SheJumps is an organization which helps women network and push eachother in outdoor activities.

I literally jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this. With not much time to plan ahead here was the insane sched. I had going….

12am- Get off work

12:30am- start to pack, realizing my skis are at my dads house

12.40am- Pick up skis

1:30am- Finish Packing

2am: Sleep

3:30am: Leave for Utah

6:30am: Arrive in Utah

6:46am: Give in and get a Redbull after having had 2 cups of coffee prior

8am: Realize it may have been cheaper to fly to Utah…

9:15am- Arrive at water ramps

9:30am- Start by working on the basics at the trampolines

SheJump’s Own Vanessa Pierce displays a nice backflip!

Myself working on some flat 5’s

Then we took our tramp tricks to the water…



I spent the entire morning jumping, while the girls got comfortable on the smaller ramp. I planned to jump the following day with PC FREE so I chose to spend the afternoon up top helping coach the girls.

I believe this is Vanessa taking her backflip from the trampoline to the water

And then came the rain…

Unfortunately, we had to quit jumping due to the rain and thunder but we made sure to finish off the day with some hulahooping.

One of the biggest reasons I’m in the sport is to help share my experience with others. More than anything, I love watchig other women commit and push themselves athletically. I was so impressed with all the girls this weekend. HUGE thanks to She Jumps and Fly for putting this camp on. Stay tuned on my facebook page for the next camp!

Now it’s my turn to push it! 

I figured while I was in town for the shejumps camp I would spend an extra day ramping with PC FREE. I’ve trained with Mick Berry and Park City Freestyle every summer since I’ve been in this sport. They are hands down the best team I’ve worked with and Mick continues to  push and encourage me everytime we work together.

I didn’t have enough time to learn a ton of new tricks but I wanted to get the ones I have cleaned up and comfortable again. I spent the afternoon with them working on my rodeo’s and both direction spins. I did spend a good amount of time working on some shifty 5’s and switch 5’s.
With Mick yelling at me about patience I got my flat 3’s on the tramp looking and feeling better than ever!

We were a little unprepared with the video set up but I did manage to get a shot of one rodeo via iPhone. Please excuse the quality on this one…

I’ll be back sooner than later to work on some new tricks with PC FREE for next season. I’ll be sure to make an edit on this next trip.

Monday morning came quick and it was time to head back to Sun Valley.

I made a quick stop at the SKULLCANDY HQ. I’m stoked to say I’ll be on the Skullcandy Am Team for the 2012-2013 season. Next year’s product is SOOOO SICK. Thanks to Rob Layer and the Skullcandy Crew.

and…matching Cassette headphones and hoody? #steeze 

The Trip would not be complete without something going wrong though.

The passenger rear window in my truck may have been masking taped on for this trip. I was feeling confident after the 90mph drive there and the rain storm that it survived through.

I made it until 4 miles out of Snowville on the way home when i started hearing a whole lot of wind start pouring into my car. I had enough time to take a picture of my window falling off my truck…but not quite enough time to stop. Right after I GTS, the window set sail to the interstate….and shattered. Laughing my ass off I didn’t even look back, and I kept driving. It was bound to happen. Farewell window!

I’ve lagged on blogging for months so this HUGE post makes up for it. If you’ve read all the way to here i’m super impressed and I thank you! Please subscribe to my blog if you’re interested in all the chaos of my life.



Spring Splurge…brap brappp

Splurge: noun

The act of spending money freely or extravagantly.

The older I get the better I am at doing this. If you’ve read my previous Athlete Bio’s, you will see that one of my dreams is to own all the toys.

Well I’m starting to achieve that goal a lot sooner than I thought. And in a extremely expensive manner of buying brand new toys.

No, i’m not talking leggos and barbies here. I’m talking about working 60 hour weeks, snowmobiles, trucks and dirtbikes.

I’ve wanted a sled ever since I got into Freeskiing. Two years ago when I made the decision to move from Park City home to Sun Valley, I saw some hope. I worked all of that summer and put a down payment on a RMK 600 155” that fall. It took me a year to get it paid off but damn it feels good. It’s still brand new….with a whopping 467 miles on it.
That spring I also decided I wanted to buy another Dirtbike. I got into riding back in Highschool but sold my bike when I ran out of money living in Park City a few years back. Well, before putting myself deep in debt I played it safe and paid off my sled.

Since paying off my life (pictured above) I’ve been saving for a new truck to park it in. My bank account was starting to look decent again. Of course right when I feel good, why not feel better?

Current day: This is where the impulsive buying comes in…. Yep that’s right. Bye Bye Bank Account! I made an overnight decision that I needed to get back into riding. I withdrew the cash I was putting towards a new truck and instead drove to Rexburg Motorsports where they had exactly what I wanted. A brand new 2012 Kawasaki KX 100 Motocross Bike. I was in a major debate between this bike and the CRF 150 that I had ridden a few years ago.

What sold me on the KX?

1. It’s a 2 stroke 2. It’s BIGGER than the CRF 150 and 3. It’s a bike I could begin racing on if I chose to.

Fortunately for me, some of my ski sponsors also make moto gear. Thank you to Alex and Trisha at DRAGON ALLIANCE for sending some sickkkk MX Goggles and Maxx at Pow Gloves for summer bike gloves.

I need to thank Rexburg Motorsports and Gear Head who are my newest sponsors for this summer. They have the top quality product and pricing.  Thanks to them I’m  looking good in brand new gear to accompany my bike! STOKED :)

Keep tuned for some summer edits of dirtbikes, wake surfing and all around madness. I feel so fortunate to have the support of all my sponsors in this life I am so grateful for. Thanks for making it happen!

Living the Dream <3 

SHANNY. xoxo

1st month, 2 sports, 3 states & 4 injures

I have survived the first month of 2012. It hasn’t been easy but by putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time… i’ve made it!

The first two days were great. I started doing tricks I haven’t done since my serious TBI injury 2 years ago. Anyone who’s had a serious head injury understands the battle i’ve been dealing with the past two years. (Picture below is from the past injury)

It’s been a very slow progression since then but i’m finally starting to feel confident again. Or so i thought….

My shins have a tendency to act up to the point I can’t even put on my boots. After the first two days into Jan. i was crying like a little girl at the bottom of the hill because I couldn’t flex my boot. The only way to heal shin bang is not skiing so, I took up SNOWBOARDING! Um…okay snowboard boots are like slippers. Dont’ get me wrong, my Surefoot foam fit liners make my Head ski boots are so nice..but snowboard boots are amazing. I plan to continue my snowboard career next month!

I then was moving my snowmobile around and threw out my back. Trying to be a tough girl thinking i can lift the back end of my sled 180 degrees is stupid when you have herniated L4 L5 discs in your back. So once again took a break.

Then, I went to park city for a few days to spend some money and make fun of the SUNDANCERS. Nicole and I spent most of our time on mainstreet and eating really healthy at Super wal-mart at 4am.20120202-234657.jpg

The Thursday we were leaving Park City I got the news about Sarah Burke’s passing. I was in such shock that I almost threw up my lunch I was eating..and couldn’t even cry for a good 20min because I was in such disbelief. I have so much to say i’m going to write an entirely separate blog for you Sarah…. <3

Day after Park City I went to San Francisco to spend more money and enjoy the rain! We ran out of gas in the middle of the Nevada desert. Right outside of the Nevada State Prison… I was looking for a boyfriend, no luck.20120202-232929.jpg

Meanwhile, Sun Valley was getting the most snow we got all year. Needless to say, my powder skis have only seen the inside of my closet at this point.

In a hurry to get home I set the cruise control on 90 and didn’t leave the fast lane …well until i got us lost.
Talking about boys at 6:30am, wearing prescription Dragon sunglasses I missed where the interstate split. I took us from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe… on 50 instead of 80. Which means 30mph turns the entire way. It was a serene f-up at least. I mean.. i could have ran us out of gas in the middle of a desert! Oh wait, Ingrid took care of that for me :) CHECK haha xoxo


The 5 days I did ski in the month of Jan. I at least got some footage. Thanks to Oren Currier, Alysha Herich and Eric Anderson I managed to get an edit released on time!

Check it out : 

The last day we shot this edit I went down hard on a 7. Concussed myself, separated my right AC joint again and strained my ankle. I’ve been doing well since then and will be back shredding in no time!

Hopefully Feb. has more powder and less injuries!!

The groundhog saw his shadow, LETS SEE SOME SNOW!

xoxo S.


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