“One For The Road”

Of all the movies I saw last fall it was “Light The Wick” by TGR that left the biggest impression on me. I had the opportunity to see it in Aspen during “The Meeting” where I  got to meet one of the founders of TGR Todd Jones. So needless to say, when It was suggested to me to come to the Premier of this years movie “One For The Road” in Jackson Hole I packed my bags.

I hadn’t been to JH in about 5 years and I have never been out this early in the fall. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to 1.escape slack and 2. see Jackson before the snow falls. One of my best friends Ali was on board for the quick trip.  We left Idaho at around 11am hoping to get to JH by around 330.

I had remembered a gas station that served Square Ice Cream in Swan Valley…perfect lunch spot right? 

Once we arrived in town we went and got some real food at Bubba’s BBQ. That place is LEGIT….. just sayin

We made our way to The Village to window shop and meet up with some of the locals.

TGR had an awesome crew in Jackson for the Premier. I got the chance to talk to a bunch of athletes I hadn’t met before.                                                                                                                                                                  Without spoiling the movie for those of you who haven’t see it yet, I’ll just say that It had the most insane big mountain lines I’ve ever seen skied. Some of the shots of Mac, Todd Ligare, Dana Flahr, Sage and Griffin Post really blew me away. 10 years ago I never thought it would be possible to ski the lines these guys did in this movie.  INSPIRED! Awesome to see Grete in there and Rachel Burks going HUGE as always. Of course on the park side Wallisch was so clean, making his tricks look effortless.

  I got to hang out with Dash Longe (and cute Sara Bunny)  for a little bit at the after party. He Kills it!

Before the night was over I made sure to spend some time chatting with Greg Epstein- TGR Supervising Producer. He may have had the best coat of anyone last night. 

I really want to thank Sara Bunny Hjort and Matty Moo Herriger for encouraging me to make this quick trip.

We got 3 hours of sleep and headed back to Idaho at 6am.             I spent the entire drive obsessing about winter. Once the movie premiers start going I feel it’s inevitable.

To all the athletes and the  TGR Crew: Todd and Steve Jones, JK, Matt Herriger, Greg Epstein  and everyone else who made this movie happen, the hard work definitely showed. It was great to meet everyone!

We will be back. Next time with my sled in my backbed and no return date. 

Sneak peak photo: 

Hit up http://www.tetongravity.com/one-for-the-road/  for Trailer, Tour Dates, Athletes etc.


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