Sun Valley Steps It Up

So last weekend I got the opportunity to represent Sun Valley at The Northwest Ski Film Festival in Boise, ID. They had just printed the press release on the changes for the 2011-2012 season and I got to spread the word about the new additions. I signed some posters while I was there as well 🙂 

I think that every type of skier will be excited for the changes next year…. Let’s start with the Terrain Park and Pipe.

They have finally consolidated ! The Half Pipe will now be moved to Dollar in “The Old Bowl”. AKA…where the two big jumps up top have been. 18ft walls for this year, bigger next year. Pipe will be at least 450ft.

Which means, they will be moving the two big jumps down. I’m stoked for the jumps to be put in a place with a little more terrain and sunlight. They will still have a “medium size” set of two jumps again in the same place as last year. I think they have added around 30 new rails/jibs as well for next year. Sneak Peak? Oh, okay 

and for the children…. 6 ADVENTURE TRAILS on Baldy. Scratch the children comment…i’m pumped for them.

They also thinned out some trees near limelight and central park. 30 acres to be exact !

Month and a half to go….. Countdown time? This is what Sun Valley is looking like right now. Rough Life living here… i know

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