Spring Splurge…brap brappp

Splurge: noun

The act of spending money freely or extravagantly.

The older I get the better I am at doing this. If you’ve read my previous Athlete Bio’s, you will see that one of my dreams is to own all the toys.

Well I’m starting to achieve that goal a lot sooner than I thought. And in a extremely expensive manner of buying brand new toys.

No, i’m not talking leggos and barbies here. I’m talking about working 60 hour weeks, snowmobiles, trucks and dirtbikes.

I’ve wanted a sled ever since I got into Freeskiing. Two years ago when I made the decision to move from Park City home to Sun Valley, I saw some hope. I worked all of that summer and put a down payment on a RMK 600 155” that fall. It took me a year to get it paid off but damn it feels good. It’s still brand new….with a whopping 467 miles on it.
That spring I also decided I wanted to buy another Dirtbike. I got into riding back in Highschool but sold my bike when I ran out of money living in Park City a few years back. Well, before putting myself deep in debt I played it safe and paid off my sled.

Since paying off my life (pictured above) I’ve been saving for a new truck to park it in. My bank account was starting to look decent again. Of course right when I feel good, why not feel better?

Current day: This is where the impulsive buying comes in…. Yep that’s right. Bye Bye Bank Account! I made an overnight decision that I needed to get back into riding. I withdrew the cash I was putting towards a new truck and instead drove to Rexburg Motorsports where they had exactly what I wanted. A brand new 2012 Kawasaki KX 100 Motocross Bike. I was in a major debate between this bike and the CRF 150 that I had ridden a few years ago.

What sold me on the KX?

1. It’s a 2 stroke 2. It’s BIGGER than the CRF 150 and 3. It’s a bike I could begin racing on if I chose to.

Fortunately for me, some of my ski sponsors also make moto gear. Thank you to Alex and Trisha at DRAGON ALLIANCE for sending some sickkkk MX Goggles and Maxx at Pow Gloves for summer bike gloves.



I need to thank Rexburg Motorsports and Gear Head who are my newest sponsors for this summer. They have the top quality product and pricing.  Thanks to them I’m  looking good in brand new gear to accompany my bike! STOKED 🙂

Keep tuned for some summer edits of dirtbikes, wake surfing and all around madness. I feel so fortunate to have the support of all my sponsors in this life I am so grateful for. Thanks for making it happen!

Living the Dream ❤ 

SHANNY. xoxo

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