SheJumps! Water Ramp Weekend

If you have ever heard someone refer to “burning the candle at both ends” that is the story here. But I’ll tell you what……. SO WORTH IT!

I got a last minute invite to come out to the UOP (Utah Olympic Park) to jump with, and help coach a camp put on by SheJumps. SheJumps is an organization which helps women network and push eachother in outdoor activities.

I literally jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this. With not much time to plan ahead here was the insane sched. I had going….

12am- Get off work

12:30am- start to pack, realizing my skis are at my dads house

12.40am- Pick up skis

1:30am- Finish Packing

2am: Sleep

3:30am: Leave for Utah

6:30am: Arrive in Utah

6:46am: Give in and get a Redbull after having had 2 cups of coffee prior

8am: Realize it may have been cheaper to fly to Utah…

9:15am- Arrive at water ramps

9:30am- Start by working on the basics at the trampolines

SheJump’s Own Vanessa Pierce displays a nice backflip!

Myself working on some flat 5’s

Then we took our tramp tricks to the water…



I spent the entire morning jumping, while the girls got comfortable on the smaller ramp. I planned to jump the following day with PC FREE so I chose to spend the afternoon up top helping coach the girls.

I believe this is Vanessa taking her backflip from the trampoline to the water

And then came the rain…

Unfortunately, we had to quit jumping due to the rain and thunder but we made sure to finish off the day with some hulahooping.

One of the biggest reasons I’m in the sport is to help share my experience with others. More than anything, I love watchig other women commit and push themselves athletically. I was so impressed with all the girls this weekend. HUGE thanks to She Jumps and Fly for putting this camp on. Stay tuned on my facebook page for the next camp!

Now it’s my turn to push it! 

I figured while I was in town for the shejumps camp I would spend an extra day ramping with PC FREE. I’ve trained with Mick Berry and Park City Freestyle every summer since I’ve been in this sport. They are hands down the best team I’ve worked with and Mick continues to  push and encourage me everytime we work together.

I didn’t have enough time to learn a ton of new tricks but I wanted to get the ones I have cleaned up and comfortable again. I spent the afternoon with them working on my rodeo’s and both direction spins. I did spend a good amount of time working on some shifty 5’s and switch 5’s.
With Mick yelling at me about patience I got my flat 3’s on the tramp looking and feeling better than ever!

We were a little unprepared with the video set up but I did manage to get a shot of one rodeo via iPhone. Please excuse the quality on this one…

I’ll be back sooner than later to work on some new tricks with PC FREE for next season. I’ll be sure to make an edit on this next trip.

Monday morning came quick and it was time to head back to Sun Valley.

I made a quick stop at the SKULLCANDY HQ. I’m stoked to say I’ll be on the Skullcandy Am Team for the 2012-2013 season. Next year’s product is SOOOO SICK. Thanks to Rob Layer and the Skullcandy Crew.

and…matching Cassette headphones and hoody? #steeze 

The Trip would not be complete without something going wrong though.

The passenger rear window in my truck may have been masking taped on for this trip. I was feeling confident after the 90mph drive there and the rain storm that it survived through.

I made it until 4 miles out of Snowville on the way home when i started hearing a whole lot of wind start pouring into my car. I had enough time to take a picture of my window falling off my truck…but not quite enough time to stop. Right after I GTS, the window set sail to the interstate….and shattered. Laughing my ass off I didn’t even look back, and I kept driving. It was bound to happen. Farewell window!

I’ve lagged on blogging for months so this HUGE post makes up for it. If you’ve read all the way to here i’m super impressed and I thank you! Please subscribe to my blog if you’re interested in all the chaos of my life.



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