Back on a dirtbike…or two

Anyone who’s been laid up for almost an entire season can identify with the frustration, misery and depression that comes along with it. On that same note, coming back made me love riding more than ever. Some of you know, this sport is still fairly new to me and I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning, getting quicker or more comfortable on a bike.

Someone told me that once I moved up to a 250F that his biggest fear was the day I would go down, because I would go down hard. He was right.

The first day back was on my YZ125 and I had never been so excited to swing a leg over my bike before. I sold my 250 this past summer to pay for hospital bills and figured I should take it mellow coming back. With doctor clearance I started riding every day I could this fall.

Much like my ski career, my new focus is just progressing my riding skills, getting comfortable on the bike again, getting faster and having more fun than anyone on the track. I may go back and do some races next year but for now, it’s projects like this!

JERSEY COHEN walking bike

Local photographer (and badass) Hillary Maybery contacted me with interest in shooting me on a bike. I was flattered as I’m not the most advanced rider in the world but was thrilled to be able to get some shots of myself back on a bike, doing what I love and working with a new photographer. She was looking to expand her portfolio and as she learned to shoot motocross, I learned to shut my damn mouth and just ride.

Saga Outerwear was nice enough to print my jerseys for me and Dragon Alliance got me some fresh NFX goggles for the shoot. 

The first attempt at a photoshoot was rained out after two laps. We got some killer lifestyle shots out of it with the help of Hillary, her daughter and my best friend Kate on the lighting assistance.

raining lifestyle gear bike

You can’t say we didn’t try to ride… (one of my all time favorite photos)

hottest gearing up shot

I took two laps, you could say I got a little dirty!

Muddy lifting bike

We threw in the towel (literally) after that and planned a sunrise shoot for the following week!

We don’t have “real” tracks up here. Nothing prepped, groomed, watered or race ready. That’s why I’m best at riding dry hardback! We looked like the most committed local riders ever to show up to Croy at 6:45am unloading in the dark. I think we won the award for earliest unloading there, EVER.

dark unload

It was freezing cold, the dirt was frozen and I trying to get warmed up riding in the dark.

Here is my only shot WITH a front brake. Haha!

BW corner Dragon Sweatshirt


Next lap I tipped over in a corner and lost the entire lever. The next hour of riding was challenging to say the least. Haha!

Corner exit puddle splash

Very rare to find moisture on this track. We took full advantage of it, and the usage of a rear brake.

(no front brake photoshoot was a first) 

focused muddy corner exit
Best Corner in color

And FINALLY someone is learning how to corner….on the gas!

I’m really bummed I missed the entire summer riding, so I recently made up for it buying a brand new RMZ 250 from Nick at Let’s Ride in Rupert, Idaho. (Don’t worry two smoke lovers, I’ve kept the 125 as well!)


The snow is now falling two weeks later, and a week after I just had my suspension dialed.

I know my man will be waiting for me when it melts! In the meantime, I’ll just try and look pretty sitting next to my bike.

Best Lifestyle with Bike

Thanks for an amazing shoot Hillary Maybery and the help from Kate Metzger and Nick Carnes!

The support of my sponsors as always! Dragon Alliance, RMC Graphx, Asterisk, Virus, Skullcandy and Saga Outerwear.
If anyone is interested in purchasing or the usage of these photos please contact Hillary and check out her website or email with questions at

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