Winter: The Struggle is Real

I’m not sure if it’s the lack of snow, or lack of me skiing that’s kept me from wanting to write about the season. Probably a combination of the two.

As most of you know or have read, I broke my ankle last June racing motocross. In my previous post about riding dirtbikes this past fall I was under the impression my ankle was healed. No pain riding or lifting weights and I was feeling fantastic!

That all changed when I went to opening weekend at PCMR with the Saga Outerwear Crew.


I figured if my ankle felt good in my motocross boots, it could only feel better in a stiffer ski boot. Apparently, I was wrong.  I took a couple runs before noticing the extreme pain of my ankle. The next day I ran straight to Surefoot and the boys took care of me reforming my liners to fit my post-surgery ankle.



The new Surefoot liners helped, but didn’t solve the problem. The bruising increased, the pain increased as well as my frustration. Little did I know that this was how my season would go. 1-2 days on, 5-6 days off. My ankle is still bruised like crazy and I now have plantar faciitis.

As things have been getting better, I’ve been trying to at least get back in the game a little bit. Where I am now is where I thought I would be in December, and it’s the first week of March. I hate to admit this season has been such a wash for me, but I guess plenty of people sit out an entire season with blown knee’s etc. and I at least got some time on snow.

10985902_946499515367753_4186859283771922456_n 10924233_10155162681065333_4620843469207339864_o

In the meantime, I decided to send my snowmobile WFO into a tree and that has been a fun $1600 in parts alone.

Big thanks to Isaac Sherbine, Cody Wheeler and Nate Farrow for helping me put this POS back together.

Thanks to them and Hillary Maybery Photography it’s looking pretty damn good don’t ya think? 😉

Just in time for spring I suppose!


With not a lot of progress being made in ankle recovery, a second surgery is scheduled for April 3rd. We are going to remove the hardware that we think may be causing some of the problem.
Until then, I’ll be skiing a little, riding my dirtbike and getting ready for my first motocross race March 27th.

I wish my ankle felt as good skiing as it does riding dirtbikes… this was last weekend with Nick Carnes!

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.59.37 PM

Things could always be worse! I’m alive, healthy-ish and always pushing.

HUGE THANKS TO MY SPONSORS for the continued support through one of the most frustrating seasons to date.









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