WORCS 2019

Who would have thought at 29 years old I would decide to take up desert racing? NOT ME!!! My friend from Las Vegas, Casi Gavi, suggested I just ‘try out’ a WORCS race in Glen Helen this past Feb. The only racing I have ever done is MX where its two 12 minute motos spread out over the course of 6 hours. I was a little nervous about the idea of having to race an hour straight! It was POURING RAIN, total mudfest, and I had no idea what I was getting into.


It was unlike any type of riding I had ever done. I ended up 3rd place and I was hooked. I decided to start following the WORCS series in the Women’s C class for the remainder of the season.


Next stop was Lake Havasu. This track was tricky. Lots of sand which I’m not great at. I stalled a few times, layed in the sand on the beach for a break haha, couldn’t get my bike started, was getting passed by 8yr olds and vintage riders and ended up taking 4th place. I knew after struggling to kick over my bike time and time again that it was time for a Rekluse Clutch.



Going into Peoria I was starting to get the hang of this thing. I was building my endurance and learning how to pace myself. This track was desert rocks, and more rocks and then some flat track style turns. But my strong point, is always on the track. I had a great start, pulling my first WORCS holeshot!


I was hanging with some pretty fast girls, battling it out corner after corner with Sammy Mora.

I took 4th again in this race but had finally started to build some confidence.

We were off to VEGAS for ENDURO CROSS. This was even more frightening than the sand. I had never done ANYTHING like these “obstacles” before in my life. I had no idea how to get over tractor tires or logs and maintain speed doing so. I will say hands down what got me through this race alive was my REKLUSE CX clutch. It saved me from stalling over everything.


I hauled ass where I could and tried to ride smart. It paid off and I got back up on the podium for the #2 plate!


Next up was Mesquite, NV…..

Practice went great, I had a killer time on the motocross track and was feeling good going into race day, until the unclassified practice. Talk about DEEP SAND, ugh. I struggled in regular sand let alone deep sand. I needed way more practice riding it before going into this race. I spent so much time folding the front end and laying in the sand and picking up my bike, over and over and over. This was my view for most of the race. 61261840_10161894242880333_8068486791595819008_n.jpg

I had my first mental breakdown half way through and wanted to pull out and take a DNF. I sat in Pit Row contemplating it for 10 minutes. My boyfriend came over not to cheer me up, but to talk to me like any other racer would. He told me I had two options: 1. was to go out and tough it out and at least finish the race even though I had given up so much time there was no chance of podium

2. take a DNF and go to the truck, but we DO NOT sit around and collect points.

I went with #1. I fell some more, was miserable, but looked at it as a learning experience and opportunity to ride what I needed help with the most, sand. I took 4th place that race but most importantly I learned a lot about myself and what not to do.


Picked up 2 sponsors for the remainder of the season SCOTT MOTOSPORTS and thanks to Fonzy, FASTHOUSE so I was looking REAL GOOD.

BOOM! Time to head to Washington for two rounds.

Practice was amazing, sunny, wet dirt, motocross track. Three of my favorite things! 67628235_10162190988990333_8657084438577938432_n.jpg

Then came the race….. in the woods, single track, and THE RAIN.

OH MAN was that a struggle. It was like trying to walk up a sheet of ice, but with a 250lb bike. There were endless pileups, no traction and when you went down it was impossible to get enough traction to even push your bike back up. I hauled ass on the track and the flasts, and played it smart through the woods. WHEN IN DOUBT, THROTTLE OUT – something I learned from snowmobiling. That was a lifesaver. I was holding on for dear life, running into everything but just staying on the gas so I wouldn’t get stuck.


What can I say other than….IT PAID OFF.


My first TWO #1 plates for the season!!! And a hell of a bruise to take home.

I was high on the win and knowing my favorite track was back for the next round.


This was night and day from the first round. RIZN WILD who is one of my sponsors came out to support me. Set up a tent, dressed me, fed me tacos and took some killer footage of me.  Here is some POV from the race…..notice how no one is in front of me? 😉


I was the only girl to get in 6 laps this race and ended up with a solid WIN.


After this my boyfriend and I moved to AZ where I took a full time salary position. Needless to say, my riding and racing availability took a huge hit.

I decided to get off work and drive all night long to Taft, CA and race on no sleep and no practice. The last time I did this I broke my ankle so I wasn’t feeling great about it but was battling for 1st in points overall.

I showed up at 5am, slept in car for 30 minutes and got in gate at 6am. This race was for Lily Dean, who was like my little sister who had passed away earlier in the week. 71873142_10162412608860333_608965416986869760_n.jpg

I kept my holeshot streak going and led the first two laps, until I crashed…..HARD. I separated my AC joint, bent the shit out of my bars and still had 30 minutes to go.


I basically paraded around in 2nd gear with my blown out shoulder just to finish the race. Ended up taking 4th Place OA.


Heading into Primm for the final race was a lot of pressure. I was one point behind for the lead and whoever won this race, won the championship.

I had another holeshot out of the gate, and held the lead. It was a fast course which I loved!


What I didn’t love was too much front end around a corner in 5th gear, swapping landing 10 feet from my bike in the middle. I got back up, checked myself, and starting riding again. At this point I had one lap left and one of the girls had caught up to me. It was a battle for the win the entire last lap. She was right on me.

I crossed the finish line first, and secured my CHAMPIONSHIP!



I couldn’t be more grateful for the people who helped me get into this, supported me at all the racers and all my sponsors.

I’m looking forward to moving up to the B Class for this coming season. 🙂



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