1st month, 2 sports, 3 states & 4 injures

I have survived the first month of 2012. It hasn’t been easy but by putting one foot in front of the other, one day at a time… i’ve made it!

The first two days were great. I started doing tricks I haven’t done since my serious TBI injury 2 years ago. Anyone who’s had a serious head injury understands the battle i’ve been dealing with the past two years. (Picture below is from the past injury)

It’s been a very slow progression since then but i’m finally starting to feel confident again. Or so i thought….

My shins have a tendency to act up to the point I can’t even put on my boots. After the first two days into Jan. i was crying like a little girl at the bottom of the hill because I couldn’t flex my boot. The only way to heal shin bang is not skiing so, I took up SNOWBOARDING! Um…okay snowboard boots are like slippers. Dont’ get me wrong, my Surefoot foam fit liners make my Head ski boots are so nice..but snowboard boots are amazing. I plan to continue my snowboard career next month!

I then was moving my snowmobile around and threw out my back. Trying to be a tough girl thinking i can lift the back end of my sled 180 degrees is stupid when you have herniated L4 L5 discs in your back. So once again took a break.

Then, I went to park city for a few days to spend some money and make fun of the SUNDANCERS. Nicole and I spent most of our time on mainstreet and eating really healthy at Super wal-mart at 4am.20120202-234657.jpg

The Thursday we were leaving Park City I got the news about Sarah Burke’s passing. I was in such shock that I almost threw up my lunch I was eating..and couldn’t even cry for a good 20min because I was in such disbelief. I have so much to say i’m going to write an entirely separate blog for you Sarah…. ❤

Day after Park City I went to San Francisco to spend more money and enjoy the rain! We ran out of gas in the middle of the Nevada desert. Right outside of the Nevada State Prison… I was looking for a boyfriend, no luck.20120202-232929.jpg

Meanwhile, Sun Valley was getting the most snow we got all year. Needless to say, my powder skis have only seen the inside of my closet at this point.

In a hurry to get home I set the cruise control on 90 and didn’t leave the fast lane …well until i got us lost.
Talking about boys at 6:30am, wearing prescription Dragon sunglasses I missed where the interstate split. I took us from Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe… on 50 instead of 80. Which means 30mph turns the entire way. It was a serene f-up at least. I mean.. i could have ran us out of gas in the middle of a desert! Oh wait, Ingrid took care of that for me 🙂 CHECK haha xoxo


The 5 days I did ski in the month of Jan. I at least got some footage. Thanks to Oren Currier, Alysha Herich and Eric Anderson I managed to get an edit released on time!

Check it out : 

The last day we shot this edit I went down hard on a 7. Concussed myself, separated my right AC joint again and strained my ankle. I’ve been doing well since then and will be back shredding in no time!

Hopefully Feb. has more powder and less injuries!!

The groundhog saw his shadow, LETS SEE SOME SNOW!

xoxo S.

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